Super science

Welcome to super science, here this site explains how super powers would work in real life without any flaws with the physics or the genetics or or other stuff like that. Here at super science, this is where the impossible is made possible, fiction is turned into fact and science fiction becomes science (in a theoretical sense anyway). There are some things you should know, I only explain how super powers would work, I won’t explain the weaknesses and I don’t know if you would acquire these abilities. Those things your going to have to figure out on you own. For every super power I have little drawings of human shaped figures to use as examples of a person with the specific power. They will all be referred to as “subject” like in an experiment, so they will not have fancy super hero names. They will have costumes, most of them are just to help the subjects control and adapt to their abilities and some are just for fun. Alright, let’s begin!


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  1. Hi, I’m loving your blog. I was wondering, can you do superpowers that have to do with the elements or energy? Like hydrokinesis or magnetokinesis?

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