Weather Control

Our super power for the week is weather control!


Subject is able create, control and manipulate different kinds of weather phenomena. Subject can send combinations waves of heat and cold from very large distances to cause and control any weather phenomena like Rain, Clouds, Fog, Snow, Wind, Lightning, Thunder, Sleet, Hail, Tidal waves, Floods, Blizzards, hurricanes and Tornadoes. Subjects abilities are precise and potent enough for her to miniaturize weather phenomena at any size, to the point where she could create a small tornado on her palm, as well as have full control of the shape and form of her weather which could be done with a lot of practice. Subject is also able to control it indoors and likewise able to affect an area as big as New York City.

Subject can alter the temperature of any location she is present in. Subjects Body absorbs the heat around her and energy from the sun even with thick clouds. Subject does this to create and control the weather she wants. Her cells are configured in a way where she can store solar energy in her cells and use it to project heat to create fog which would only work if she was in a place with high humidity and low temperature. Subject can project waves of heat towards very large distances in the sky to create clouds. Subject can absorb all the heat around her to lower the temperature and then project the heat outwards in one big space to create a warm front and a cold front which in turn creates wind, the greater the heat she projects, the more powerful the winds are.  Subject can create wind to move the moisture in the air to the places where she wants it to go, this comes easy because there is almost no place in the world without moisture. Once subject does this, she projects enough heat towards it to cause it to evaporate into the sky and then quickly removes the heat to cool it down and in turn create rain. Subject projects heated wind that carries a lot of moisture from a place with high humidity to create a warm air mass. She then uses little gusts of warm air to blow away moisture and absorb all the heat from a larger open space to create a cold air mass. Subject moves the warm air mass to collide with the cold air mass which makes the atmosphere unstable. Subject uses the warm air to chase the cold air up into the atmosphere at a wind speed that’s rapidly increasing and a temperature that’s decreasing and if the rotation becomes strong enough it will form a tornado.

Subject is able to create snow by absorbing enough heat from the cloud she formed to create below freezing conditions. This causes the water molecules to crystallize. As the crystallized water molecules stick together, they form snow flakes which become too heavy causing them to fall from the sky. If the Subject wants to create sleet, all she has to do is release enough heat into the atmosphere below the snow cloud to create above freezing conditions. This causes the snow flakes to begin to melt so that the water droplets meet the earth’s surface in a state half way between snow and rain. In order to make hail, the subject will create a rain cloud just underneath an atmosphere that has conditions below freezing. As the water droplets become too heavy, it begins to rain. However, instead of allowing the water droplets to fall to the earth’s surface, she creates an updraft strong enough to cause the water droplets to rise up above the cloud into the freezing conditions. This causes the water droplets to freeze. Depending on how powerful and for how long the updraft is sustained, this process can cycle several times before the hail finally becomes too heavy to remain in the air. Finally, the result is a hail storm.
Subject can create wind and use it to create movement of frozen water molecules within a cloud or the sky which in turn collides with one another. The collision between the frozen water molecules creates an electric charge. The positive electrons move in the upper portion of the cloud while the negative electrons move the the lower portion of the cloud. As the polar charges build up, the entire cloud becomes electrically charged and at one point the intensity of the negative polarity of the bottom portion of the cloud will have an effect of reverse polarity on the ground surface. This causes the earths surface to become increasingly positively charged. The negative polarity of the cloud is attracted to the closest or the most intensely positively charged object/person on the ground. Subject is able to use her  body as a resistor to electrical current, allowing her to absorb or redirect lightning without harm.
By creating a powerful wind vortex or series of wind vortexes such as a hurricane or multiple tornados in the middle of a large body of water, the Subject can displace the water in a concentrated area creating a virtual water hole. The displaced water has nowhere to go but up. This displacement results in a gigantic wave which is forced to move away from the central focal point caused by the wind vortex.  As the huge wave approaches land the effect is the threat of severe flooding from the wave which is referred to as a tsunami.  Subject can create a snow storm and a lot of wind to create a blizzard while absorbing the heat from the wind before it melts to snow.  Subject can create a rain storm to produce enough water to the point where it will cause a flood.
Subject creates intensely warm wind storms with extremely high humidity near areas with colossal amounts of water.  She then moves the moisture into the atmosphere along with enormous amounts of heated moist air with extra evaporated moisture from the large body of water and twists it high in the atmosphere. The winds begin to circle counterclockwise north or clockwise south. The more moisture subject blows into the rotation of air while keeping it 74 degrees or warmer and over water, the bigger and more powerful it becomes. This is how subject creates a hurricane.




Try to stay posted for next weeks ability! If you have any questions, comments or helpful tips to make the given information more accurate, please post them in the comments section!



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