Our super power for the week is cryokinesis!
cryo 1

Subject has brown fat similar to mammals that hibernate. This enables the subject to regulate his temperature by establishing a “set point” which is the lowest temperature that his body can drop to before triggering the cell mitochondria to oxidize which in turn produces heat. This gives the subject a warm body core temperature preventing him from freezing. The warm body temperature is kept inside his body leaving the subject to always be mildly cold externally. This way the subject can endure temperatures of -460 degrees Fahrenheit giving him an immunity to extreme cold. Subject also has to have a device that steadily supplies his body with a cryoprotectant formula that consists of a mix of hydroxyethyl starch (which is natural and comes from plants) dimethyl sulfoxide and ethylene glycol to prevent subject from freezing/damaging himself. This is similar to an insulin pump for diabetics. When the subject breathes the vacuoles of the cells in his lungs, collect some of the carbon dioxide particles and converts it into liquid form at 88 degrees Fahrenheit and 73 atmospheres of pressure.

cryo 2

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cryo 5

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