Our superpower for the week is elasticity!

Subjects cellular structure is elasticized, allowing him to stretch any part of his anatomy. The cells would need a stabilizing enzyme to crosslink subjects polymerized cells and reset his body to default shape through vulcanization, similar muscle memory but since it effects all his body’s cells it would technically be called cellular memory. In order to achieve cellular memory, subject would have to apply a lotion all over his body daily that consists of Alcohol, Sulfur, zinc oxide and Stearic acid until his body absorbed enough of the lotion to achieve cellular memory independently on a regular basis. This way, subject can send electric signals from his brain to throughout his entire body and any individual part/parts to it to become any shape he desires. To prevent any injury, the subject would need to reform his body at a slow and steady pace instead of just literally snapping back into place like that of a rubber band. If he jumped off of a building he would simply bounce off the ground like a rubber ball. His body uses his ability to counteract against hostile scenarios even without the subject thinking about what to do. For example, if an armed mugger caught him by surprise and shot him in the face with a gun, his face would be pulled back through his head and just revert back it’s original state. The bullet wouldn’t pierce his body because his cells are bonded at the atomic level making him impenetrable.  In the event that subject requires surgery or some type of vaccination, a doctor would have to freeze the skin that needed to be cut or penetrated in a localized area.  This would would make the skin temporarily brittle enough to perform the necessary procedure.
Also it would be quite difficult to knock out because whatever your hitting him in the head with would just bounce off his head. Subjects systems could still function even while he’s stretching, if subject stretched himself into that of a canvas his heart and lungs would still function like they’re supposed to even while they ate flattened. Also if he stretches his torso up the side of a build and eats something from the top his digestive system would still work, but if would take longer. Subjects brain sends signals that activates an enzyme which is also a catalyst that is present in the body to speed up the flow of blood in the body and the elongated limb until he returns to his original body shape. This is done by having his body adapt to itself every time subject stretches. Although the body can adapt while these amazing feats are done, subject can only do this for a short time because being stretched for a long period of time would result blood loss, then numbing and if extended for too long, probable amputation of the limb.

To counteract against this, if the subject hasn’t been left in his elongated state for too long and is able to go back to his original shape then he could do some exercises that would return circulation to his body and limbs. Rapid change in temperature can effect the subject negatively, the subjects body will behave just like rubber so if the subject is exposed to extreme heat he will lose control of his ability and if he is exposed to extreme cold subjects body will become hard and brittle. However, one of the elements that can help subject perform his amazing feats is by controlling his own body temperature, this can also be used to help counteract subjects “weakness” against rapid changes in temperature to keep him from either “melting” or “freezing.” Another weakness is if the subject got momentarily tangled or ensnared in his own limbs but then subject could just unravel himself with a few jerks and it wouldn’t be a problem anyway more. Despite the fact that the subject has rubber-like qualities, he can not actually insulate or conduct electricity. Subject would just get electrocuted like everyone else that’s normal. Subjects maximum stretching limit is 345,000,000 miles, this is enough to wrap around the earth 1.3 times and at that point he would be experiencing massive straining and pain. Subjects body would be 10 centimeters thin at this point. The same can determine how far Subject can stretch can be applied to how much the Subject can expand like that of a ballon. To pull off tasks like these subject would have to stretch (like a normal person) and do some exercises before doing to make performing the task easier. The same logic to determine how far Subject can stretch can be applied to how much the Subject can expand which can be done just by shaping his muscles to expand like that of a balloon.

Try to stay posted for next weeks ability! If you have any questions, comments or helpful tips to make the given information more accurate, please post them in the comments section!

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