Our superpower for the week is immortality!


Subject has the ability to reverse the effects of time on his body by replenishing old cells with new ones. This allows him to physically never age on a molecular level allowing him to always be in his prime condition. Although subject can be killed, on a molecular level, in the right conditions, subject could theoretically live eternally. Killing this subject would not be an easy task though, as he can survive even the most hostile environments. For example, subject could be frozen solid in sub-zero conditions and still live several centuries with no food consumption or water. Subject could easily survive a nuclear war since he can be exposed to 500 times the radiation a normal human could withstand. Whenever subject is about to be exposed to physical damage or trauma, his body involuntarily forms a thin and invisible layer of bio-chemical energy all over his body for protection. Since subject has this instantaneous defense mechanism, he can survive being shot or stabbed. He could even survive swimming in an active volcano or a vat of acid.  Subject possesses an intricate network of sensory neural transmitters which gives him the ability to innately respond to immanent danger. The responses are so acutely attuned to the surrounding environment that he can respond to a bullet being shot at him without warning or being totally aware of it.  Subject is an expert in multiple combative skills and has mastered the use of every type of weapon as well as multiple martial art techniques. Subject is an expert survivalist who is able to seek out any food, water or shelter to survive. Subject has a vast knowledge of the natural herbs and plants in his surrounding environment that can be used for food and medicines. Subject has mastered trapping techniques and hunting skills. When subjected to conditions depriving him of all life-sustaining elements, he can meditate to slow his metabolism down to the point where he could live without oxygen, water, food for several centuries. During his down time, subject takes stem cell therapy pills that supplement his ability to heal from any physical trauma that he has endured on his whereabouts. Also, before engaging in battle or whenever he is about to enter a situation that could cause him severe physical harm, subject will often take one of these pills to boost his resistance to injury. Moreover, subject has the medicinal knowledge to manufacture his own supple of stem cell therapy pills from natural elements found in his environment.  Subject’s body is efficient enough where it could use the appropriate nutrients that he intakes and maximizes it to provide the constant energy that he needs.  He would also have to eat a slightly larger amount of nutrients than a normal person depending on what he does every day, how much he exerts himself and how often subject finds himself in danger.






Try to stay posted for next week’s ability!  If you have any questions, comments or helpful tips to make the given information more accurate, please post them in the comments section!

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