Our superpower for the week is Magnokinesis!

Subject’s electrons all spin in the same direction instead of in their own random directions which is what makes him ferromagnetic.  He can change the polarity within his body from north to south and west to east. If his right hand was the North Pole and his left hand was the south, he could make his right hand the south and his left hand the north all by refocusing the flow of electricity to different parts of his body.   He can also use the control over his own polarity to prevent from random metal objects from being attracted or repelled by him.  The only metals that the subject could control are iron, nickel and cobalt in their purest forms because they are ferromagnetic metals.  Subject can temporarily turn ferromagnetic metals into magnets by manipulating these basic magnetic properties.  Magnets can be created with ferromagnetic metals such as iron, nickel and cobalt.  A magnetic force occurs when the electrons and protons polarize creating opposite charges in the ferromagnetic object.  When two magnetic objects are within close proximity the magnetic forces will either attract or repel each other.  If the negatively charged side of the first object comes near the  negatively charged side of the second object then the two objects will repel each other.  This also applies for two positively charged objects.  In other words, like charges repel each other.    On the other hand, if opposite charges come in close proximity then the two objects would attract each other.  Hence the cliche “opposites attract”.  The more electrons that spin in the same direction ,the more powerful the magnetic force will be. Subject has thousands of disc-shaped cells stacked in a unique formation resembling that of a Bitter cylinder within his nervous system which is capable of generating electricity with exceptionally strong magnetic forces.  These cells are known as electrocytes and pump out positively charged ions like potassium and sodium on the outside and maintain a negative charge on the inside.  However when subject sends a signal from his brain to the electrocytes it then prompts the ion gates to open up which causes the positively charged ions to actively transport through the membrane inside the electrocyte which gives it a positive charge on the inside and a negative charge on the outside.  So what happens is the eletrocytes have a negative charge on one side of it and a positive charge on the other.  Because the cells are stacked, every electrocyte is touching another electrocyte with an opposite charge.  The activation of one electrocyte causes the surrounding electrocytes to activate as well.  This chain reaction happens simultaneously which results in an electrical current.  However, though similar to subject with electrokinesis, the electrons and protons form in a particular, optimal pattern maximizing the electromagnetic charge.  Subjects polarity interacts only within his body from top to bottom or left to right which protects his magnetic forces from being effected by external forces.  
Subject is able to use his body as a resister to absorb the electricity, and then convert the electricity with a magnetic charge and thus use his body as a conductor to control and redirect the electromagnetic energy.  Subject also sends electrical impulses from his brain to his cells to activate and deactivate the release of the stored energy within them, which are transferred back into electromagnetic energy and used for whatever the subject wants.  Subject absorbs external sources of electricity into his body which is then transferred into a different kind of energy that the body can handle.  This transferred energy is made dormant as well to prevent overwhelming the body and would remain that way until future use.  Subject has the ability to control when and how much electricity is absorbed.  Subject can also control the velocity of his electric current and can even control the stability of his stored energy without overheating. Subjects body gives off an average of 10 Teslas from his body which can span to a radius of only 20 feet on average. Ten Tesla’s are ten times higher than that of a junkyard magnet.  There is a bundle of highly conducive nerves around each optic nerve that are configured in a way to cause the electrical current to be redirected, allowing it to bypass the eyes.  This way, subject won’t go blind every time he uses his ability.  The maximum amount of weight that the subject could lift all at once would be an equivalent of 20000 pounds. 

Try to stay posted for next week’s ability!  If you have any questions, comments or helpful tips to make the given information more accurate, please post them in the comments section!

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