Mind Reading

Our superpower for the week is mind reading!


Subjects brain is like that of a broadcast one way radio receiver, she can only receive another persons thoughts. She can mentally listen, feel or see the thoughts of other people by getting their brain to operate on the same frequency (or brain waves/thought patterns) as other people’s brains. When subject reads a persons mind, her brain sorts out the waves that the person makes in their brain. Since the persons brain is doing a multitude of things at once, subjects brain chooses the brain patterns that are most prominent and relevant. Then subjects brain sorts them into a certain order, magnifys them and transfers it to the same part of the brain that the other person is using. When subject receives another persons thoughts, that signal gets transferred from the frontal lobe to same part or parts of the brain that other person is using. Subject reads a persons thoughts by connecting to the part of the brain they are using to have that thought. Subject has so many neural synapses in the frontal lobe of her brain that it acts as a receiver, more synapses than any other person. Subject is only able to read one mind at a time, she does this by focusing on one person and match with that persons brain frequency. Subject would get multiple frequencies at once if she was around a lot of people, but she can’t read multiple minds at once. Subject is unable to deactivate her ability, much in the same way you can’t deactivate your other senses. Subject can only read the minds of humans because anything other than human has brains that operate on a different frequency than humans. When subject attempts to read the mind of someone who speaks different language than her, her brain will instantly interpret what that person is thinking into whatever language the subject speaks.
Try to stay posted for next weeks ability! If you have any questions, comments or helpful tips to make the given information more accurate, please post them in the comments section!

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