Our super power for the week is pyrokinesis!

Subject has internal organs that are covered in mucus with thermophile like properties to keep them from roasting. Subject not only eats slightly more food than an average individual but he also absorbs external heat sources like sunlight (which plants use to make energy), fire and heat into the skin which is then transferred into a different kind of energy that his skin and body can handle. This transferred energy is made dormant as well to prevent overwhelming his body and would remain that way until future use. To achieve spontaneous combustion subjects brain sends electrical impulses to his skin to ignite excess fat and dormant energy in his skin, the stored energy when ignited is transferred back into the energy it was before it was absorbed to be expelled and used for whatever he wants. The skin is unharmed by the combustion due to the subject’s whole body being covered by microscopic, transparent plates made of fireproof elements like that of the bacteria found on the back of the Pompeii worm. Whenever subjects achieves spontaneous combustion, the expelled energy jets out between his plates.

Like a camel, subject while combusted stores water in certain places of his body to prevent dehydration. Subject also keeps all major heat on the outside of his body and regulate minimal but slightly above normal body temperature on the inside of the body using a “different” metabolism. This is done by having a chemical buffer secreted throughout his body during combustion to prevent internal organs and the subject himself from being overheated. Subject breathes through his flames instead of his lungs while combusted. This is done by having the subject absorb oxygen into his body while also burning it in his combusted form. Subjects metabolism also prevents pain while combusted and regulates his body to absorb and process massive external heat and fire. Cytoplasm of the subjects cells consists of thermophilic properties to prevent animo acids from breaking down. Subject can use stored energy to project himself and increase temperature in anyone and anything the subject focuses on from any distance.

For sight, the Jell inside the subjects eyes have thermophilic properties and are one of the places where the subject stores water inside his body. Since the subjects head and face is engulfed in flames the light of the flames reflects off of the lens of his eyes creating a “white glow” or “yellow glow” effect.

Subject can not only activate but can also deactivate his combusted form like that of a Bunsen burner. The subject does this by limiting or “turning down” the amount of fire (energy) thats being expelled from his body by will. Subject can also control how fast he “flames on” or “flames off” and can even control his expulsion of his stored energy to make his body rapidly or gradually increase his body temperature without combusting. The subject deactivates combustion (flames off) by sending multiple signals from his brain to throughout his body telling his cells to stop combusting. His cells need a certain amount of heat to ignite so it takes a certain number of electric signals from his brain to ignite combustion, and it takes a little less signals to make the subject increase in high temperatures without combusting. He can control the speed of his combustion by controlling the rate of signals they send throughout his body. To deactivate combustion, the subject sends another set of electric signals from his brain (same kind that causes combustion) to snuff out the combustion or intensify it, it is known as the fight fire with fire method.

During combustion the subjects cells produce a by-product which comes off of the subjects entire body. This residue is used as fuel and enables the subject to perform a multitude of tremendous skills with his ability like fireballs, fire breath, fire streams, flight, etc. This is done by having the mitochondria produce special proteins which surfaces to the skin on every part of the subjects body. To create fireballs the subject places his hands together which causes the proteins to cling together and as the subject slowly separates his hands the conjoined proteins are then pulled on both ends by both palms of the hands until they break their bond with one of the hands and snaps into a very small but extremely flammable fuel source for a fireball.

For partial combustion, subject collects static electricity like most people. However when he wants to create a fire ball, for example, he focuses on his hand. This triggers the static electricity to mobilize causing it to travel to the desired body part (or parts) he wants to combust. This chain reaction converts the static electricity to kinetic energy. In order to isolate the combustion to a particular body part, an electrical impulse in the form of a ring simultaneously forms at the non combustible boundary.

Subject would have to live in an extremely dry, hot environment (like that of Death Valley) that can reach temperatures up to 134 degrees Fahrenheit and can stay over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for 150 days in a row. This allows him to store a tremendous amount of energy. This abundant energy source allows the subject to create concentrated bursts of energy through any chosen body part (mainly his hands and feet) which can be projectiled as a defense mechanism in form of fire streams in that could reach up to at least 200 meters and flight through propulsion.

For fire breath, the subject’s teeth are composed of ruthenium. Ruthenium possesses a special property that serves as a homogeneous catalyst that can convert CO2 into methynol. Under normal breathing conditions the ruthenium has no effect on the subjects breath. However, at will, the subject can produce a concentrated bubble of energy that can burst out of his mouth with extreme pressure (sort of like a burp on steroids). As the subject breaths out carbon dioxide and passes through his teeth the carbon dioxide is then converted into methynol and combusted as fire. Subject would also have to build an immunity and tolerance to ruthenium poisoning.

Try to stay posted for next weeks ability! If you have any questions, comments or helpful tips to make the given information more accurate, please post them in the comments section!

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