Shape Shifting

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Subject can send electric signals from his brain to the DNA in his cells in order to trigger the transformation, he is able to do this because he has programmable DNA. Subject can produce enzymes in his cells to break down his DNA, rearrange it and recombine it to look like anyone he comes into physical contact with. This way, Subject can physically change his gender, race, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, hair texture, hair length, skin texture, body shape, muscle definition/size/shape, face shape, finger/toe nail length, finger/toe length, etc. He can even copy the artificial features of a person like dyed hair, missing limbs, face lifts, tattoos, etc. Enzymes and growth hormones are secreted throughout subjects body to help increase and decrease mass whenever subject pleases to shape his body and his face to look like whoever he wants. He can easily change the color and texture of his skin hair and eyes just like an octopus. A very potent morphine like chemical is secreted throughout his body to prevent any pain or discomfort during the transformation. Subject can even use this method to change his gender, by eliminating or adding some chromosomes using growth hormones and enzymes. Similar to how a stem cell functions, subject can actually produce the organs specific to the gender. Subject produces a highly potent enzyme that acts as an accelerant in his body to speed up the transformation process to the point where it’s instantaneous.

Sometimes when subject changes the size and shape of his body, he also changes the sound of his voice by adjusting and making his larynx bigger and his vocal cords longer and thicker. This makes his voice lower and deeper with growth hormones and enzymes to sound like anyone he comes into physical contact with. Subject also makes his Larynx smaller and his vocal cords shorter and thinner to make his voice higher. Although subject can’t copy other people’s memories or past experiences, he will have an identical genetic make up of the forms brain. Therefore, accents, rates of speech, highs and lows of inflection and pitch as well as tone all come very naturally. Additionally, this allows him to also copy other people’s unique speech patterns like accents, lisps, stutter, and other speech disorders. The subject can usually master the exact speech of the form within one minute of hearing the actual person of the form speak. Additionally, his ability to imitate other voices and sounds would be equal to that of the form’s ability. Subjects forms do age because of his genetic and cellular memory. If the subject wanted to “update” the current chronological age of one of his forms, he would have to touch that person again. Subject can still reproduce in a male or female form because morphing involves changes right down to the genetic level.

Subjects offspring will only inherit the physical features of the form subject was taking on during consummation and subjects ability. Changing into a male form would cause a miscarriage if subject got impregnanted. If the subject wanted to give birth he would stay in his female forms without having the infant in fetus form changing forms with the subject. Subject can change into a form of a person who is missing a limb and then changes back to another form that has all limbs intact. This is due to genetic cloning of new form is based on the genetics of the new form which would possess all of the necessary information needed to transform into the complete new form. Subject will always be able to look like someone else as long as he maintains the mental capacity to do so. If subject were to make himself look like an infant or an elderly senile person, subject would comprise his capacity to initiate the intent to change. However, even in the state of mind, all subject would need to do is touch another person to look like that person. It is also possible for subject to accidentally turn into a person he touches while also being capable of self awareness, that way subject would be able to resist changing when he does not want to change. The subject should always be able to retain his original form by transforming into what he really looks like every once in a while. However there are precautions that the subject must be cognitive of.

For instance, if subject were to go several years without changing back into his original form it could risk him losing the subtle details of his characteristics. Somewhat, even in the event that the subject memory of his original form has been altered over time, the cellular memory will enable the subject to retain his original form. The most prominent danger is the combination of memory loss and cellular or genetic mutation which could result from over exposure to radiation. A good example of this would be if the subject was diagnosed with cancer. The subject should be advised to periodically change back to his original form to minimize this risk. Even though Subject can make his DNA the same as another persons, his ability is purely cosmetic so he can’t copy other people’s medical conditions, diseases, skills, abilities, personalities or whether someone was right handed or left handed.

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