Super Breath

Our superpower for the week is super breath!


Subject’s lungs have the capacity to create a tremendous amount of pressure.  This attribute along with the exceptionally strong muscular structure surrounding her lungs makes it possible for subject to generate a forced exhalation rate of speeds up to 500 m.p.h.  This force is powerful enough to blow another full-grown adult human being across the length of a football field (approximately 100 yards).  The anatomy of subjects lungs is similar to that of a bottlenose dolphin which has the ability to sustain incredible amounts of pressure enabling it to produce forces that exceed 100 m.p.h. forced exhalation.  Subjects respiratory system is much more flexible, durable and stronger than that of an average bottlenose dolphin and a normal human being.

Try to stay posted for next weeks ability! If you have any questions, comments or helpful tips to make the given information more accurate, please post them in the comments section!


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