Super Touch

Our superpower for the week is super touch!


Subject can determine the type of material of any object and when, where and how it was made just by touching it.  Subject would be able to detect textures down to the most intricate details. Also, Subject would be able to detect any movement or vibration no matter how subtle just by touching an object. Subject would be able to sense vibrations in the in water so she can detect any irregular currents in the ocean if she was in it and help her determine the topography of the ocean floor, the type and motion sea life present and even sense an incoming tidal wave. For air, subject can use the air currents to detect objects or birds as well as any natural disaster that effects the air current, pressure or temperature in any way, shape or form.


Try to stay posted for next weeks ability! If you have any questions, comments or helpful tips to make the given information more accurate, please post them in the comments section!

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