Our superpower for the week is Telekinesis.

img-0288Subject has the ability to move objects with the power of his mind.  He does this by concentrating on the object he’s trying to move, manipulates the energy that surrounds that object and then uses that energy to move that object.  To be more specific, the neutral synapses inside subjects ventral lateral prefrontal cortex are configured in a way where they produce brain waves so powerful that they can move objects.  His ability is limited by the amount of weight and the number of objects he can manage at any given time.  In terms of catching something that’s moving at a certain speed, Subject can catch and control objects in motion but only at a speed at which he could catch physically, as far as what he could do with his physical hands.  If he was moving more than one object, he must focus on all objects at the same time which will result in moving those objects simultaneously. Therefore subjects attention is divided proportionately between each object.  He can only move solid and tangible objects so he can’t move liquids or gases unless they were in containers.  Subject could move objects inside other objects as long as he knew they were there and he knew what it looked like.  He can bend, break and deform objects in any way with his ability.  Subject is able to move living things like people but only a few feet off the ground for a short period of time including himself.  As course, the persons or animals weight depends on how long he could hold them.  Consider, there will a limit to subjects ability when it comes to distance in any given direction when he attempts to move it.  Subject is unable to move anything that’s too small for him to see. To clarify, He can move objects that he can’t see that’s not microscopic as long as he knows whats there.  Subject will eventually get physically tired if he overused his ability.  Since the brain is more powerful than the body because it controls the body, his abilities are amplified 30 or 50 percent more than they usually are.

img-0291 (1)


Try to stay posted for next weeks ability! If you have any questions, comments or helpful tips to make the given information more accurate, please post them in the comments section!

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